Elan 340

European Yacht of the Year 2007. Certainly a head turner! And an absolute gem to sail shorthanded or fully crewed. The Elan 340 is unquestionably the best all round 34-footer out there and hard to beat for club-eventing.

Lots of fun to sail. Attractive and fast, the 340 will deliver you true sailing enjoyment with a competitive edge in an impressive overall package. All this comes with a very smart living space that feels bigger than her 10mtrs.

The 340 is very stable and responsive with a big boat feel, very well balanced and easy to handle with finger tip controlled wheel. She tracks beautifully and moves fast especially to windward partly attributed to her long waterline.

For the competitive sailor, this boat is magic with the ability to put the heat on much bigger boats and has the advantage of not requiring the high crew numbers. There is a special Performance package and a Bow Sprit as an option for those who want to race. Features:  large workable cockpit, 140mm wheel with new Jefa steering system, concealed halyards and many other well thought out details.


The family will be happy to come on board, the 340 is a very pretty boat. The lines are clean and modern, still holding the traditional look and layout. There's more space than you would expect to find, the comfort level is splendid, the design is modern with a fresh new blend of materials with lots of light and excellent air circulation. The bathroom is a generous size with two basins and practical wet locker. There are 2 Mast Options; Standard and Club Performance.

For both club-eventing and family cruising, the Elan 340 handles all conditions so beautifully and is certainly lots of fun!

E340 Billeder

    Billedgalleriet er opdelt i 3 gallerier; Båden, Eksteriør (udvendige detaljer) og interiør (indvendige detaljer). Klik på et billede i et galleri, og du er i gang. Du kan vælge selv at bladre i billederne, eller at starte slideshowet, som derefter viser alle billederne i galleriet automatisk. God fornøjelse!   Båden /* Eksteriør /* …

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E340 Video

  Testvideo for Yachts & Yachting. Sluk lyden, det er desværre kun støj.   Elan 340 in action.   UPS, man skal huske at falde af i tide…      

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