Elan 410

Nominated for European Yacht of the Year Award 2008 – under 14m

"She is one of those boats that just looks right – your eye insists that she will sail well. The huge wheel gives plenty of power and never feels overloaded… steering is swift and precise. The deck layout is both attractive and easy to work when racing", Yachting World, October 2007.

The Elan 410 Cruiser / Racer unquestionably delivers the best all round package in her class and with a host of impressive winning premier race results. Of importance to note here when looking at 40 footers on the market, the 410 is not a straight stripped out race boat but a true Crossover/ Cruiser Racer with a winning performance that comes with a splendidly smart and comfortable cruising interior. And this this is where Elan and designer Rob Humphreys continue to excel and etch a distinct and exciting niche with their new Cruiser/Racer line up. The range offers the sailor who is looking for that somethinbg more, a brilliant integration of elements presenting high quality, great looking boats, designer comforts below deck combined with dazzling performance reports on the competitive front.

This is a 41-footer to satisfy the most demanding owner; it will capture the spirit of the competitive sailor with exhilarating and rich rewards while at the same time offers sophisticated cruising with high level facilities and comfort to be enjoyed by the family too.

Sailing Performance:  Designed for top level performance, the Elan 410 is fast and responsive in light wind and easily handles various weather conditions. The 410 is easily adaptable for short-handed sailing with the ability to achieve close windward angles. The boat's design with superior stability and generous stern configuration produces good running numbers downwind. Offshore, the 410 is a very impressive powerful combination for those who wish to push hard or cruise to your destination much quicker.

Features:  Sleek and appealing lines, plum bow, a fine entry line, modern flush deck with recessed hatches, covered halyard run, auto storing washboards and shore power lines. Large workable cockpit for crew and entertaining. Powerful winches, extensive use of roller bearing blocks and a large diameter steering wheel for easy handling. There are 3 mast options; Standard, Club Performance, Carbon Grand Prix. The interior is exceptionally well designed, light and spacious with fresh modern details and materials harmoniously blending with the traditional layout with L-shaped chef's galley, forward facing nav station.



E410 Billeder

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