Impression 444

The Impression 444 is a robust fast cruising yacht that speaks sophistication in cruising.  If you seek deluxe cruising and marvelous entertaining for family and friends to thoroughly enjoy day sailing, overnighting and extended cruising, coastal and offshore in true comfort and quality assurance, the Elan Impression 444 is the boat for you.

The model's construction and finish will appeal to the discerning sailor and family looking for real integrity – in sailing characteristics and build.  When you step on board  – this is evident.  The 444 model follows the natural progress after six years of outstanding sales results following Elan's successful entry on the market with their first cruising line model, the Impression 434 design by Rob Humphreys. This design introduced the revolutionary semi deck saloon concept to the market and offered outstanding comfort and luxurious cruising while maintaining excellent sailing performance and experience.

The 444 presents clean modern lines and deck windows detailed to offer even more wonderful light and ambience and visibility. The transom is designed to open out to a spacious swimming deck which offers easy access to the water.

The ambience that beckons you into the spacious interior presents an impeccable level of detail, finish and comfort to please the most discerning eye. The high level of build quality throughout the boat is clearly apparent.

Construction: The build quality of the Elan's Cruising Range is of superior quality throughout. The Impression range has a very unique and superior rudder fixing arrangement and you will find the mast and rigging on the Impression much heavier and more robust than her competitors.  The Impression 444 has a proper big boat bilge which adds enormous strength to the hull in the keel area and reduces the mechanical stresses on the keel fixing bolts simply because the keel is shorter and the hull is deeper than other boats of her category.